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Use the tools that bring more business through your website

Your website is the front door and reception room of your business. Increasingly, it is the first place prospective customers look before deciding to do business with you. And you know about first impressions. All things being equal, managers that actively engage with their sites will engage more customers. Here are three website management questions that successful website managers are constantly asking:

SEO1 and SEM1 so visitors can find your site

This usually means that your site must appear prominently in search engine results. We refer to this issue as search engine optimization1 (SEO) or search engine marketing1 (SEM).

Enhance usability1 to help visitors find what they are looking for when they get to your site

This involves common sense, but often overlooked principles of website usability. Is the navigation clear? Is their a prominent search box? Is the site scanable, yet informative? Are the search terms that led to your site pertinent to your site?

Analytics to tell us how we are doing and what to do next

Are your visitors abandoning your site after viewing one page? Why? How can we fix that? This involves website analytics. At Chittenden Communications we help you address these questions. If you are a small to mid-sized business concerned about the effectiveness of your website, call Harry Chittenden at 727-420-0566 or email.